Daisy predator hunting has begun

 I woke up this morning, made a cup of coffee and looked out the window. An ugly possum was walking around a chicken coop. Walking, clawing at the coop etc.

So I grabbed the closest AG. My 18 inch barreled, .22 caliber 14 FPE Daisy 880 with open sights. I threw on a jacket, loaded a CPHP, pumped 12 times and stalked to within 12 yards of the ugly sucker. He was too busy sniffing birds to even notice me. I aimed for the brain and squeezed. Rolled over, no death dance. So I reloaded, pumped again 12 times and shot him again just in case. No need, he was dead after the 1st shot. I figure the pellet due to the angle of the shot must have exited the brain and hit the spine, so no dance. All good, the girls are safer this am now.

Mandatory pic or it didn’t happen:



Quick .22 880 update

Test number 1 on my most modded .22 880. It has a filled piston, 2 layers of aluminum tape on the face and wrapped to the o ring groove to minimize head space, transfer port opened up, hammer filled to open valve more, attention to all clearances, stretched hammer spring. And of course a great trigger. And an 18 inch barrel.

12 pumps.

5 shot average 666 fps.

Shooting a 14.3 grain pellet for 14 FPE.

A little better than I thought I had.

As time permits I’ll test  the others and test how much the individual mods make a difference.

Now I m pretty happy with these results. I will be carrying this weapon with me all summer long to kill woodchucks out to 20 yards

880 piston improvements/experiment

We all know about filling the slot in an 880 piston. I personally have always taken it one step further.

If you look at the top of the piston, around the slot you will notice it is slightly concave. I fill not only the slot, but the entire top to the slight ridge and sand it smooth with sandpaper wrapped around a nice flat file. I’ve done 1/2 dz at least this way and the power increase is more than just filling the slot.

I thought I had a picture…but I don’t. So pictured is a 35 piston filled the same way. The look of the top is very similar when done sanding.


So I got to thinking…. about something I have done to my P17’s. Completely washing the piston and applying aluminum tape, 2 layers to the top of the piston to decrease headspace.

So the experiment. I sanded the entire 880 piston flat, which removed a slight amount of material. So I added 2 layers of the aluminum tape to bring it back up to the same height it was. But now I have a flat top just like the last of the Rogers built 880’s from the mid 90’s.


 You can not see it in the pic but I wrapped the aluminum tape around the edges to the oring groove, to further remove head space.

I’ll install it in my open sight .22 880 with the 18 inch barrel and see how it performs and if this mod holds up on a multi pump like it does on an ssp.


Quick .22 Daisy 880 hunt

My latest Daisy 880 to .22 conversion. This one has an 18 inch barrel, inside the stock 20 inch shroud. Making it quite quiet.

The stock and grips are painted as I built this from parts on hand. The stock was black, the grips were brown.

This has all of my usual power mods and a highly modified, short throw, predictable trigger. The plastic stock has been filled with silicone to get to a nice offhand shooting weight.

Here she is with a Red Nutter I just took and added to freezer camp with the rest of them. I took him from 18 yards , standing, shooting offhand. No rest. Single perfect head shot. I recovered the pellet. It went into the skull, out of the back of the brain, into the neck, through the neck bones and lodged in the hide on the off side.



Highly modified Daisy 35 for Sale


This Daisy 35 has many modifications.

The most important is a rifled barrel.

The piston has been modified into a flat top.

The hammer has been modified to dump more air.


The trigger has many modifications. The throw of the trigger has been shortened considerably making this a nice short predictable and repeatable trigger.

Very light weight accurate small game hunting weapon or use it for target.

$90 shipped to the lower 48 USA

Put together an 880 for a blog fan


This particular 880 has a stock from a model 35, all the usual power mods, a tricked out trigger with a shortened pull , polished, and a trigger over travel stop installed.


After assembly I shot a 5 shot group to test the accuracy of this rifle. 1st the trigger is great. SUCH an improvement over the stock 880 trigger.

This 5 shot group is 10 yards, rested, open sights with Daisy wadcutters as the pellets.


Yup, very accurate weapon! I am pleased and am sure he will be as well.